Year 3

Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest's featured artist for year three is youth and painter from Chilliwack, BC. Thank you Kelsey for painting this beautiful poster!

Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest 2

Poster by Pardis Pahlavanlu

Pardis Pahlavanlu (@she_eep | is an Iranian artist and illustrator living as a guest on unceded Coast Salish territories. While her academic studies have revolved around systems of power in contemporary colonial states, her artistic work has centred on the healing that is necessary in these contexts. Drawing from an autobiographical perspective, Pardis focuses her work on the connection to culture as a woman living away from her ancestral lands. She digs into the topics of mental health, exclusion/difference, and diaspora in hopes of finding new ways to imagine and reflect on her surroundings and experiences.

Pardis would like to thank Jeffery Chong for his technical assistance on this poster.

1st Ever

Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest!!

Poster by Bug Cruickshank

Bug is a queer métis visual artist, illustrator, and tattooist currently based out of “Vancouver, BC” on un-ceded and occupied Coast Salish territories. While Bug’s primary practice is drawing, they also work with skin, print-making, painting, writing, textiles, zine production and digital media. In Bug’s work, they aim to illuminate the beauty in ugliness. Build relationships with that which is wild and dark. What they make is an open invitation to a processing of a dying world. A navigation of gender, bodies, capitalism, mental illness and oppression. Their magic is based in chaos and intention. They see the documentation of personal histories as a vital tool for survival and use art to empower others and themself.